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My name is Connor Stansfield and I like to build things. I began coding at the tender age of 17 in New Zealand in 2012. Since then computer programming and software development has been my passion and it has brought me opportunities from all around the globe. After graduating in 2016 I made my way over to Europe seeking exciting projects in Germany, the UK, Spain and Hungary where I departed for Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. I operate as a full stack developer with a background that touches on a myriad of technologies but at the moment is primarily focused on web app development. My goals for software engineering long term are to be involved in projects which relate to the fields of machine learning, AI, graphical simulations, business insight and image processing. I believe that nourishing creativity in development is key to the success of any project. My mantra for development has always been to think differently and as I gain experience and confidence in this approach I hope my skills can be used to enrich peoples lives and the environment.

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